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Of Syiah, Sunni and ISIS

It seemed ironic to me that Islamist groups tried to stop a discussion on countering radicalism, and right then, an act of terror was carried out in the name of Islam. While the attacks were devastating, I also felt that it was timely (for a lack of better word) to show that it is high-time that we acknowledge the rising radicalisation of Muslims.

Saving the Memory of Farkhunda

A week ago, I woke up to the most horrifying news I have ever heard. I woke up around 9 a.m. and checked my Facebook account. It was full of pictures and videos of a woman who had just been brutally killed by a mob in Kabul. The first sentences I read about the incident left me in shock: "Today we killed a woman who burned the Quran-e Sharif, Allah u Akbar."

"5+ Group for Women's Aid" Asks White House for Action to Rescue Yezidi Women


Warvin Foundation for Women's Issues - WELDD partner organsation on culturally-justified violence against women - have announced the formation of a group to address kidnappings and abuse of women by ISIS in the Kurdish region of Iraq. The "5+ Group for Women Aid" was officially announced via a press-conference at the Chwarchara-hotel in Erbil on September 4 2014.

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