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A Training Manual on Masculinities and Engaging Men To End Gender-Based Violence

The FEMNET initiative of involving men to combat gender based violence (GBV) relocates the crusade for gender equality from being seen as a purely women’s issue to a societal concern. This strategy and the campaign kit has specific messages targeting men in their various capacities as fathers, husbands, brothers, law makers, religious leaders, politicians and responsible citizens. The consultations of FEMNET have resulted in the creation of country teams, task forces, working groups and networks to link up with existing country efforts to combat GBV. In the long term, these efforts would result in increased advocacy for change in policy, law, practice and behaviour towards creation of societies where gender equality is a norm and where GBV is not acceptable.

The overall goal of the Men to Men Programme is to create a critical mass of African men who are able to influence communities, organizations and the public to believe in and practise gender equality as a norm. The manual on masculinities provides rich content for trainers and facilitation tips for each session. Overall, the manual is meant to:

a) Enhance men’s knowledge on the link between masculinities, GBV and the spread of HIV/AIDS.

b) Equip men with practical skills for training other men on combating GBV and the spread of HIV/AIDS.

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The African Women's Development and Communication Network
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Political and Public Participation
Culturally Justified Violence Against Women