Women's Empowerment and Leadership Development for Democratisation

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Solidarities Beyond Borders: Transnationalizing Women's Movements (Introduction)

The attached pdf contains the Introduction of Dufour, Masson, and Caouette's book Solidarities Beyond Borders: Transnationalizing Women's Movements.

Solidarities Beyond Borders demonstrates the creativity and dynamism of transnational women's movements around the world.  The book's case studies from North America, Latin America, and Southeast Asia introduce feminists, activists, and scholars to the benefits and challenges of building relationships, dialogues, and perspectives that extend beyond the boundaries of nation-states and disciplines. The contributors open a dialogue between feminist theorists and scholars of social movements in other disciplines in order to foster mutual recognition of common interests and identities. Although feminists and women's groups face challenges as they build solidarities beyond borders, this book makes the case that these links can be extended to embrace other progressive movements and their goals.

You can purchase the book in its entirety here

Pascale Dufour, Dominique Masson, and Dominique Caouette
Published Date: 
Political and Public Participation