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Self-Care And Self-Defense Manual For Feminist Activists


This manual reflects a lot of thoughts and information that feminist activists have been articulating, debating with themselves and sharing with their peers – younger and older – in varied ways and through informal media. This manual brings a lot of issues together in one place, in an exceptionally articulate manner, spanning the need for activists to connect with themselves as persons and not just activists, to reflect on treatment of themselves and their loved ones and the nature of their relationships, to identify the tools and skills they need to be equipped with to care for themselves, the importance of self-love and fun!

This manual helps users to know themselves better and compels them to ask themselves some hard questions. It might evoke bitter memories and tears at some times and laughter or smiles at others. It urges them to take themselves seriously, and also to lighten up. It takes users on a journey of self-exploration that will make them say, ‘I wish I had done this before!’

We hope that this manual will prove helpful to every user as it has to us. Now that you have picked it up, we urge you to finish reading and using it. Feel free to share your feedback with us and the authors. Bon voyage!

Published Date: 
Peace and Security