Women's Empowerment and Leadership Development for Democratisation

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Living and Surviving In a Multiply Wounded Country

Trauma and pain afflict not only individuals. When they become widespread and ongoing, they affect entire communities and even the country as a whole. As this socially conscious psychologist explains, the implications are serious for people’s health, the resilience of the country’s social fabric, the success of development schemes, and the hope of future generations. 

With so much effort put into so many workshops and seminars in Nicaragua, why are the results so poor? Why, despite so much training, were people not responding to the seriousness of the problems? Why weren’t they mobilizing and making demands?

There is a deeper problem at stake here. Nicaragua is a multiply wounded, multiply traumatized, multiply mourning country, that has not taken the time to process its grief.

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Martha Cabrera
Published Date: 
Political and Public Participation