Women's Empowerment and Leadership Development for Democratisation

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Hear Our Voices



Hear Our Voices study spoke directly with more than 7,000 girls and boys in 11 countries, spanning 4 regions of the world. Plan developed the tools to ask adolescent girls and boys about their experiences of girls empowerment and gender equality in schools.

Girl Empowerment Star - http://plan-international.org/files/global/publications/campaigns/girls-empowerment-star-english.pdf

The Girl Empowerment Star helps monitor girls' perceptions of the opportunities and empowerment in their lives. It involves focus group discussions with girls ages 12-16.

 School Equality Scorecard - http://plan-international.org/files/global/publications/campaigns/school-equality-scorecard-english.pdf

 The School Equality Scorecard asks adolescent girls and boys, ages 12-16, to reflect upon school equality and safety.


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Culturally Justified Violence Against Women