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100 Ways to Energise Groups: Games to use in workshops, meetings and the community


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100 Ways to Energise Groups: Games to Use in Workshops, Meetings and the Community is one of a series of resources that the International HIV/AIDS Alliance is developing to encourage participation in practice. It is a compilation of energisers, icebreakers and games that can be used by anyone working with groups of people, whether in a workshop, meeting or community setting. 

Why use energisers?

Facilitators use games for a variety of different reasons, including helping people to get to know each other, increasing energy or enthusiasm levels, encouraging team building or making people think about a specific issue. Games that help people to get to know each other and to relax are called ice breakers. When people look sleepy or tired, energisers can be used to get people moving and to give them more enthusiasm. Other games can be used to help people think through issues and can help to address problems that people may encounter when they are working together. Games can also help people to think creatively and laterally. This guide includes all these different types of games – in no particular order – and facilitators can pick and choose chose that are most appropriate for their specific purpose and context

To read the full resource please download the attachement.  

International HIV/AIDS Alliance
International HIV/AIDS Alliance
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