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Sudan: Where Rape Became the Cheapest Weapon

Day 8 of the 16 Days Blogging Series:

For more than 50 years of independence, Sudan has never witnessed peace; except for a few short years. When the longest and most brutal civil war in South Sudan was under negotiation for a peace deal in 2002-2003, a new war started in Darfur. It wasn't new in terms of the atrocitites or human suffering, but it was indeed new for the type of weapons used in the conflict.

Turning the Peace Tables

Day 6 of the 16 Days Blogging Series:

The purpose of peace talks is to alleviate the dependency on militarism and bring an end to violence in general, but the absence of women’s voices in the discussions often results in the absence of a focus on women in the solution.

The Military and Violence Against Women: The Aceh Experience, Part 2

Day 3 of the 16 Days Blogging Series:

In her second installment, Donna Swita Hardiani, from Solidaritas Perempuan (Women’s Solidarity) recalls her experiences in Aceh during the immediate years after the peace agreement, including the time she was interrogated by militiamen for women's rights work.

Women Who Sing and Paint Walls to Spread Peace in Syria


A Syrian NGO helps women make Syria a colorful place to live, most recently with an initiative to paint the walls of a cemetery in the town of Nabek.


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