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Will Victims of Rape in Sudan See Justice?

In its final report to the Secretary-General, UNAMID recorded 66 cases with 99 total victims (thirty minors) of conflict-related sexual violence. 36 of those cases were reported to law enforcement agencies. Only nine cases were ever investigated, resulting in a grand total of four arrests. In the report, nearly 70% of victims described the alleged perpetrators as unidentified armed men, and 32 victims reported that the perpetrators were members of the Sudanese armed forces (Rapid Support Forces and Government Police).

Sudan: Where Rape Became the Cheapest Weapon

Day 8 of the 16 Days Blogging Series:

For more than 50 years of independence, Sudan has never witnessed peace; except for a few short years. When the longest and most brutal civil war in South Sudan was under negotiation for a peace deal in 2002-2003, a new war started in Darfur. It wasn't new in terms of the atrocitites or human suffering, but it was indeed new for the type of weapons used in the conflict.

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