Women's Empowerment and Leadership Development for Democratisation

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You Get What You Pay For

What would you buy?

• One year of the world’s military spending

• Over 650 years of the UN’s regular budget

• Over 2500 years of annual expenditure on international disarmament and non-proliferation organisations*

• Over 6300 years of the budget for UN Women

*(UNODA, IAEA, OPCW, and CTBTO budgets combined)

Demilitarising for gender equality

Achieving gender equality requires examining root causes of inequality and finding ways to overcome them. One cause of inequality is militarism. Excessive global military spending feeds into a vicious cycle of societal instability, creating an unsuitable environment to pursue gender equality. We get what we pay for. An overtly strong military presence creates insecurity. Thus demilitarisation and disarmament are essential components for achieving gender equality.

To read the full report by WILPF please download the pdf.

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Peace and Security