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New Knowledge, New Self-Confidence: Stories of Expanding Personal Choices


Shirkat Gah has given women new understanding of their situations and their rights, and has empowered them to challenge the injustices around them. Here, three women say what Shirkat Gah has done for them.

Going organic and becoming self-sufficient: Women use technical skills of kitchen gardening and organic farming


In 2013, to enhance women’s economic resources and livelihood options, Shirkat Gah ran technical skills trainings on kitchen gardening and organic farming in three Punjab sites: Mian Chanuu, Khanewal, and Okara.

Punjab Peasant Women Collectively Claim Equal Rights As Farmers


Shirkat Gah, in collaboration with the Anjuman-e-Mazarin Punjab, organized a two-day convention on the rights of peasant women in Okara, Punjab. For the first time in Pakistan, over 500 peasant women representatives in the presence of 500 other peasant women came together to endorse their Charter of Demands. The Charter calls for recognition of women’s work as farmers and demands equal land and labor rights for women, as well as demanding women’s representation in consultations regarding agricultural policy and in political institutions from the local to national level. The convention was a show of strength in numbers for peasant women, and a huge step in drawing attention to their desire to be recognized as agricultural workers on the same terms as their male counterparts.


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