Women's Empowerment and Leadership Development for Democratisation

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And now I close my eyes...

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I can feel it, I think I can feel her, in a moment you're standing there holding a banner with your friends, the people you look up to, you all have nothing but some banner, some voices and a belief.

The next moment they start dispersing you out of your spot, everyone runs, scattered, you run too, hoping nothing happens to anyone and then you'll feel nothing, may be a little sting in your head or chest...

That pain increases quickly, but you can't really understand, you get reallllly cold all of a sudden, You think: "No! I'm fine, this is not happening... Come on, Stand up, Run"

That freezing sensation makes your legs unable to move, it feels like long times but you start to get this feeling of "Letting go", "May be I'll lie down here a little and it'll get better". You can feel someone is trying to carry you, but for once in your life, just for that one time, you can't help fight that urge to "sleep".

"It's not cold now that I feel, it's numbness, there it creeps slowly close to the center of my chest... And now I close my eyes..."

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